Bedayaa Organization


Who we are

Bedayaa Organization works to promote sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics rights in the Nile Valley area (Egypt & Sudan), established in 14 July 2010.

Our vision

A society free of stigmatization and discrimination that respects the rights of individuals with different gender identities and sexual orientation in Egypt and Sudan.

Our mission

Create spheres for LGBTIQ+ community members in the Nile Valley area (Egypt & Sudan) where they can communicate, exchange experiences, and access legal and health services.

Our Values

No Discrimination

Respect human rights




Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Bedayaa organization started to work on LGBT+ issues in Egypt and Sudan. 


The Egyptian day against homophobia and transphobia is invented by Bedayaa in the memorial of Queen Boat incident were 52 gay men got arrested in 2001 based on their sexual orientation. in may, 2012 was the first commemoration and continued to happen every year. 


Training and Capacity Building program has been born to empower, educate and raise awareness among LGBT+ community members.


Legal Aid project (LAP) was started, the project provide legal intervention and advice to LGBT+ community in Egypt. which later evolved to became one of the most important program in Bedayaa.


Bedayaa Organization received the Human Rights Defenders Prize of the French Republic 2017.


The launch of Queer Women in Egypt Project (Q-WEP). The project  create a safe space for Queer Women. Also, launch of  Nada's Diaries a  comic series about daily life of a lesbian woman in Egypt.  


The Health Program has been developed to include STIs counselling and rapid testing for HIV along with the psychological support.