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It takes a special skill to offend on so many levels. They say people are only offended if they allow themselves to be. It makes me laugh, but only because I can't quite believe what I sometimes come across. I AM offended by biphobia as much as homophobia, I am weird that way. I find racism offensive too. I find in general that hate speech is offensive, not because one allows themselves to be offended, but because one understands it for what it is hate speech, hate spreading. Bi are those who are rejected by both sides, and it’s a little bit like being Sudanese, not quite Arab, and not quite African. One identifies as bi, or pansexual, which means one doesn't limit their attraction or desire - and ultimately who they have intimate relationships, including sexual ones, with - to one of these two constructed, binary-system 'genders', male/female, straight/gay. What do you think? Not in the offensive passive-judgemental way that is…J

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